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#ULBFinancial YearSubjectAmountDownload
1Mango Municipal Corporation2019-2020Budget for the Financial Year 2019-20, Mango835795940.00
2Dumka Nagar Parishad2019-2020BUDGET FY 2019-20391972200.00
3Bishrampur Nagar Parishad2019-2020BUDGET 2019-20597573000.00
4Jugsalai Nagar Parishad2019-2020Budget For The Financial Year 2019-20 Of Jugsalai Nagar Parishad682620204.00
5Giridih Municipal Corporation2019-2020Budget For F.Y 2019-202825144483.00
6Giridih Municipal Corporation2018-2019Revised Budget For F.Y 2018-191044167892.00
7Barharwa Nagar Panchayat2019-2020Budget for the Financial Year (2019-20)405160000.00
8Gumla Nagar Parishad2019-2020Budget for FY 2019-20689561099.00
9Rajmahal Nagar Panchayat2019-2020Budget For Financial Year 2019-20150219600.00
10Godda Nagar Parishad2019-2020Estimated Budget for the Year FY(2019-20)499385000.00
11Bundu Nagar Panchayat2019-2020Budget for the Financial year 2019-2020 ULB_ NAGAR PANCHAYAT BUNDU29780000.00
12Medininagar Municipal Corporation2019-2020BUDGET FY-2019-20505072000.00
13Khunti Nagar Panchayat2019-2020Budget for the financial year 2019-20318196000.00
14Koderma Nagar Panchayat2019-2020Budget for 2019-20427998430.00
15Basukinath Nagar Panchayat2019-2020Budget estimate for financial year 2019-20 of Nagar panchayat Basukinath288100000.00
16Dhanbad Municipal Corporation2019-2020Budget4525000000.00
17Sahibganj Nagar Parishad2019-2020BUDGET OF SAHIBGANJ NAGAR PARISHAD, FY - 2019-2020608218000.00
18Sahibganj Nagar Parishad2018-2019REVISED BUDGET OF SAHIBGANJ NAGAR PARISHAD, FY - 2018-2019207425000.00
19Mihijham Nagar Parishad2019-2020Budget for the financial year 2019-20 of Nagar Parishad, Mihijam127000366.50
20Mihijham Nagar Parishad2018-2019Revised Budget for the financial year 2018-19 of Nagar Parishad, Mihijam75862874.52
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