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Tulsi Swayam Sahayta Samuh & Harsh Saraswati Swayam Sahayta Samuh
Urban Local Body: Gumla Nagar Parishad
Established: 01/02/2014
No. of Members: 22
Address: Shanti Nagar, Ward No. - 11, Gumla Nagar Parishad, Gumla, Jharkhand
The group started its journey in the year 2014 under Swarn Jayanti Swa-Rojgar Yojana (SJSRY). The prime objective of the group was to improve upon the socio-economic condition of all women members, 70% of whom belonged to the BPL category. The group “Harsh Swayam Sahayta Samuh” was formed by our Ex-Community Organizer who made constant visits in Ward 11 and ultimately formed the group in the year 2014.

The group members were eager to establish the SHG, more and more women joined collectively resulting in a total of 22 individuals. But, as per norms under NULM, only 20 had to be accommodated, hence the entire women members unanimously decided to form 2 groups comprising 11 members each. They further decided to work cohesively in order to strengthen each members’ economic capacities and decrease financial dependency on their spouses.

On 22nd August 2014, both groups anticipatedly received a “Revolving Fund” of Rs 25000/- (each) under the erstwhile “Swarn Jayanti Swa-Rozgar Yojana” (SJSRY). Immediately they called upon a meeting with all members to start a small business / micro-enterprise worth (25000 + 25000) Rs.50000/-. After lot of deliberations, feedback, responses and consultations both groups finally decided to start a “Tent House” business as Gumla town possessed only a few reputed tent houses.

Both groups had also contributed a considerable amount of money in their bank SHG account through month deposits / savings / subscription fees. With the amount of Rs.50000/- received through RF and the amount they had saved via Bank Pass Book, they purchased various articles / items for tent house viz., chairs, big carpets, large utensils, large spoons, gas stoves, long bamboos etc.

The purpose behind opening tent house was to lend the articles / items on rent for any wedding functions, marriage ceremonies, cultural programmes, mass gatherings, public meetings, stage shows, etc. The group started receiving orders / bookings for organizing various programmes across the whole town covering almost all wards. Funds started flowing in as their work also gradually increased. They also hired a rented 3-wheeler for safe transportation of goods and assets.

Gradually, their business of “tent house” started to flourish and they began to earn a reasonable amount of income from this source. All members of the SHGs were keenly involved in its activities and a sense of ownership, togetherness harnessed within the group. The members sincerely and dedicatedly contributed to the success of tent house business by working cohesively giving more time in establishing their business than doing routine household chores. The fund in the bank account began to increase as they started receiving orders from all across the town. It was really a matter of great satisfaction for the other members of their respective families especially their spouses, who also supported and cooperated in all their endeavours.

Moreover, the children of SHG members started attending good private English medium schools, which usually demand high admission fees and educational cess. The elder children who had already completed 10+2 ventured out to the capital city Ranchi for enrolling themselves into the well reputed colleges for higher education. The parents were capable enough to finance their education and ably supported in their ventures in becoming more qualified and independent.

Now, the groups are quite capable of establishing another business to enhance their income generating activities. The entire team of CMMU in Gumla Nagar Parishad under NULM shall provide full support and cooperation in all their ventures and also ensure that the business is managed smoothly effectively and efficiently. Last, but not the least, the team shall also ensure that business undertaken is profitable, feasible, viable and sustainable.

Harsh Saraswati Mahila Mandal
Urban Local Body: Gumla Nagar Parishad
Established: 01/02/2012
No. of Members: 10
Address: Dunduriya, Ward No. - 02, Gumla Nagar Parishad, Gumla, Jharkhand
SHG-Harsh Saraswati Mahila Mandal was formed in the year 01/February/2012, Dunduriya Ward No.-02 Gumla. The total number of members are ten in number and they have established a Poultry with the Support of members for their livelihood.The members of the group are primarily engaged in Poultry. As discussed with the President, Secretary and Treasurer of this group they mentioned that they were in confusion to start a business or any activities related with their earning. But as they were having their established SHG so they decided to have some financial support through any agencies. In this situation they came to know about the provision of being provided to SHGs through SJSRY /NULM. In the present scenario SHG members have received an amount of Rs.3 lakh under SJSRY/NULMthrough Gumla Nagar Panchayat, Gumla on 20/04/2013, to establish their poultry farm. In the starting the members were in loss and they faced lot of problems related with poultry but later as time passed they learn the process of marketing related to poultry and they soon started getting income through this poultry farm.

The members of this SHG are getting good income and they are able to make the payment of loan amount on time. The income is being divided among the members regularly after making the payment of loan amount. This Scheme provided new dimension to the Women who are engaged in this poultry farm through this SHG.They have now confident in poultry and they generate good income monthly and provide support to their family. The income increases in the month of December to January as the demand for Poultry increases in the market. They have also received a training related with poultry which has provided them idea regarding the diseases related with Poultry products. Besides, the most important element of regular guidance and inputs for health care, feed supplement and marketing back-up has provided extensive support to these SHG group. In future this SHG group has decided to increase their Infrastructure as they have the capacity of putting 500 chicks in one time and they wait for about 30 to 35 days when chicks get ready to be sold in the market.

Now as the problems which the SHG members faced in initial stages are categorised into four major categories which are explained blow.
  1. Chicks-As mentioned by the members of this SHG they faced many problems regarding purchase of Chicks. The Chicks seller sold them small chicks and these chicks were also infected with disease within a gap of two to three days the Chicks died. Then all the members of SHG decided not to continue this Poultry business anymore. Soon they get an assistance from the Gumla Nagar Panchayat NULM worker Community Organizer. Another major problem which they face is related with the non-availability of chicks on a regular basis.
  2. Disease-The members of the Group were not aware of the diseases related with Chicks as they never had any idea regarding the Diseases related with Broiler Chicks. Due to this in initial stages they faced higher disease incidence, mainly in the absence of access to vaccination services and health care. But now they have started taking Veterinary support on regular basis through Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies available in their area.
  3. Feeds-The growth and size of the Chicks are more or less dependent upon the feeds being provided to them on regular basis. Lower levels of supplementary feeding / low intensity of feed availability in the foraging areas. Even the group members also faced many situations regarding saving their Chicks from the incidence of predation of birds by cats, dogs and wild life this happened due to lack of effective strategies. Now they have covered their place of Poultry with Iron nets and rods etc.
  4. Market-In any production and business market plays the key role. In this Poultry production the market plays a vital role the group members were not able to produce the Poultry product on the basis of demand existing in the market as they were new supplier in poultry market. But soon they realized their mistake and now they started taking the Chicks as per the demand existing in the market. Among the 10 members of the SHG 03 members completely focuses on the demand existing in the market related to Poultry products. Even then also they sometime face loss due to non-availability of market when there is surplus poultry products generated by them. This generally takes place due to absence of networked markets when there is surplus production. Somehow they have learned a lot through their mistakes and in present scenario all these members of SHG are working hard to generate income through their Poultry.

Since this Poultry Farming Activity is completely being done by women of this SHG and the income goes directly in the hands of women members of the group the status and say of women folk in the family has increased. Cash earning helps them in spending, which help them, lead a better life. They have started investing in social security schemes like LIC, fix deposit. They also invest in having better fooding and better clothing etc. Hence this activity has helped them to lead a life with dignity.
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