1Very Short Term Tender Notice no. 27/2017-18
2E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/24/2017-18
3E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/28/2017-18
4E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/25/2017-18
5E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/07/2017-18
6E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/06/2017-18
7Request for proposal notice no. 12/2017-18
8E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/18/2017-18
9E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/34/2017-18
10E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/33/2017-18
11E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/32/2017-18
12E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/31/2017-18
13E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/30/2017-18
14E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/29/2017-18
15E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/23/2017-18
16E-Procurment Notice no. udd/npb/22/2017-18
17Short Term Quotation Notice no. 16/2017-18
18Very Short Quotation Notice no. 20/2017-18
19Quotation Notice No. 19/2017-18
20Quotation Notice No. 17/2017-18
21Very Short Tender Notice no. 15/2017-18
22Tender Notice no. 14/2017-18
23Short Term Quotation Notice no. 08/2017-18
24Short Term Qoutation notice no. 05/2017-18
25Short Term Tender Notice no. 04/2017-18
26Short Terms nit no. 03/2017-18
27Short Terms Quotation no. 02/2017-18
28Short Terms Nit No. 01/2017-18
29Interior Furnishing and Renovation work in conference hall at Nagar Parishad Bishrampur
Bishrampur Nagar Parishad
Bishrampur, Palamu, Jharkhand
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