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197225/04/2018Operation of Food Vans
2173512/08/2017Advertisement on Independence Day
3029/07/2017Completion Certificate for Financial Statements
4005/08/2017Locations of Fogging Activities
5169110/08/2017Single Window System to Meat Shop
6011/08/2017Fogging details
7172312/08/2017NOC for Meat Shop
827712/04/2017Notice issued to beneficiary for construction of IHHL
984001/04/2017Closure of illegal Slaughter House
10 29/03/2017Withdrawl Certificate for Equipment Purchase under SBM
1184101/04/2017Complain Redressal Committee formation
128821/02/2017Notice issued to beneficiary for construction of IHHL
133112201631/12/2016GPS data of Vehicles
143012201630/12/2016GPS data of Vehicles
152912201629/12/2016GPS Data
162812201628/12/2016GPS data of Vehicles
171301201713/01/2017Stakeholders' Consultation for Different Schemes held on 13.01.2017
18202430/08/2016Selection of Accountant
19167712/07/2016Aam Suchna regarding PMAY
20162405/07/2016Vacany for Accountant
21908/03/2016Bandobasti Suchna
22808/03/2016Bandobasti Suchna
2396026/04/2016Am Suchna
24100308/03/2016Aam Suchna
2598802/05/2016Notice Issued to Beneficiary SBM
26708/03/2016Bandobasti Suchna
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