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Ranchi Smart City
Ranchi is one of the 100 smart cities under the Smart City Mission of the Government of India. Accordingly, the Government of Jharkhand envisions to make Ranchi Smart City:
  • A Knowledge hub for educational excellence – for both formal and non-formal sectors, by reinforcing its good educational institutes in preparation for welcoming knowledge based industries.
  • An efficiently managed traffic and transportation system based city aided by Information Technology (IT) in all aspects to reduce the travel time of commuters and incidents of traffic violations to make Ranchi a safe city for pedestrians and commuters.
For development of modern state-of-the-art amenities, Smart City of Ranchi will also offer opportunities to investors in the areas of real estate, health, education, housing and hospitality among others. It will be so designed so as to provide all basic amenities like good quality water and electricity supply, solid waste management system, scientific sewerage and drainage systems, IT connectivity, digitization, e governance and public participation. Sector-wise opportunities are as below:
Physical Infrastructure Social Infrastructure Economic Infrastructure Institutional Infrastructure
Intelligent Public transport Housing development Skill development centers Min Government Max Governance
24x7 Smart water supply Educational infra Incubation centers Ease of doing business
Zero emission like SWM, STPs Health Care infra Transit hub E-governance & M-governance
Connectivity Infra Entertainment & Recreational Commercial centers Safety Security
Commercial hubs Cultural & fitness centers Banking centers Citizen Engagement
Convention Center & Hotels Parks & Riverfront Development Disaster management
The Development of Ranchi Smart City will take place through mainly two major components:
  1. Area Based Development (ABD)
  2. Pan City Development Projects
Area Based Development (ABD)
Area based development in Ranchi Smart City envisages development of a Greenfield encumbrance free land of 656 acre. This area is well within the municipal core within 5kms distance from the central business district (CBD) and close proximity to the Proposed Capital Complex, Airport and Hatia Railway Station. The Layout Plan for the ABD has been conceptualized in discussion with the different stakeholders and is being put up in Public Domain for public opinion. The Proposed land use breakup is as under;
Land Use for the ABD In Acres %
Institutional 134.06 20%
Residential 86.51 13%
Commercial 67.07 10%
Public / Semi Public 54.60 8%
Mix Use Component 69.14 11%
Open spaces and circulation (Green / Roads / open area ) 245.05 38%
Total Area 656.43 100%
The focus of this ABD area shall be to create a city with latest state of art infrastructure to create a vibrant economy while addressing the socio-economic needs of residents and Ranchi city as a whole. The solution shall aim at moving people and not vehicles, improving the livability by leveraging ICT. The smart features executed successfully in the ABD area shall be replicated to the rest of the city in phased manner through strategic projects taken up by the Ranchi Smart City Corporation Ltd., the SPV formed to implement Ranchi Smart City Project.
Pan City Development Projects
For Pan City Ranchi, an Integrated Traffic and Transport System (RITTS) is to be developed that aims at integrating all the present and upcoming solution related to transport and traffic under one umbrella through Information Communication Technology (ICT) It will provide digital platform for integrating Public transport management, Parking management, Corridor Management (Traffic), Intermediated Public Transport (IPT) Integration, Fare management along with integration of ABD’s transport and traffic needs. It shall be housed in a Central Control and Command Centre which shall not only act as epicenter to all the traffic and transport related decision making but also cater to the safety and security environment of Ranchi city and in future shall be scaled to other utilities including Solid Waste Management.
Implementation Mechanism for the Smart City Mission Project:
A Smart City Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) has been formed called Ranchi Smart City Corporation Limited for the implementation of the Smart City Project. In coordination with the SPV, the Role of the various departments for successful implementation of the Smart City project are:
Department Responsibility in Implementation
Ranchi Municipal Corporation SPV partner
Urban Development Department Approver & SPV partner
Housing Residential Plotting
Energy Necessary approvals
Transport Transport hub
Department Responsibility in Implementation
Information and Technology Department ICT Services
Forest Environment Impact assessment
Education Statutory approvals
JUIDCo, Developers, contractors Contracting / Developing
Financial institutions Lending
The implementation of the envisaged projects will be facilitated in closed coordination among the mentioned departments. Few projects of ABD area are already underway through JUIDCo and for the remaining projects of ABD & PAN City, DPR preparation is going on.
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