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As a major initiative, Department of Urban Development and Housing Development, Government of Jharkhand has launched the online Building Plan Approval Management system (BPAMS) to address the prime need of investor community and citizen in this age of e-governance. The BPAMS system developed allows for online application for Building Plan approval and is a completely online system. All the officer concerned will also give stage wise approval in the portal itself.

As a major milestone, BPAMS covers all urban areas, all industrial areas, and regional development authorities which enables it to address the need of online service for availing construction permits, occupancy certificates across the state.

Lots of factors have been considered in shaping this application to fulfil the requirement of practitioners like architects, civil engineers, town planner, draftsman and Jharkhand Building Bye-laws 2016 including hassle-free service providing to hands of citizen. The key focus of BPAM system is transparency, time-bound availability of services, audit of construction quality & structural safety, demand supply driven market to practitioners, error free approval and online complaint.

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Salient features
  • Make online application, get online approval:
    BPAMS allows for online submission of Application for Building Plan Approval as well as online payment of permit fee. It also provided for tracking the status of application at each stage.
  • Automated Scrutiny report by AutoDCR
    System allows for computerised evaluation of Building Map through Auto DCR requiring no manual intervention for scrutiny the layout/ plan.
  • Online Registration of Technical professionals
    Technical professionals like, architect, civil engineer and draftsman may get themselves registered on the system through online application and online payment of registration fees and renewal fees.
  • Availability of all signed inspection reports and certificate
    Get all signed inspection reports and certificates at pre construction stage, during construction stage and post construction stage of proposal trough citizen search module.
  • Accreditation programme for third party inspection
    Qualified and experienced professionals may get themselves registered to become third party inspectors through participating online third party accreditation programme.
  • Allocation of Third party inspection and certification
    BPAMS system has provision for allocation of accredited third party professional for third party inspection and certification for high & medium risk associated proposal
  • Auto escalation of each proposal
    BPAMS system has provision for Auto escalation to issue construction permit within 60 days
  • Robust Security mechanism
    Data in the BPAMS system is protected though verification of each layer.
  • Auto generated signed certificate
    BPAMS system allows for generation of construction permit, completion certificates and occupancy certificate in a time bound manner
  • Demand supply driven market
    Get transparency on service fees from practitioners from the web publication of practitioners’ list. Information regarding registered architect, civil engineer and draftsman is available on the website for each ULB
  • Integrated with Single Window portal
    The system is integrated with the single window portal of Government of Jharkhand, i.e., www.advantage.jharkhand.gov.in. Building owners may see the status of application with the file number and make payment for permit fee.
  • Filing Online complaint on ongoing construction
    Applicants may now file complaints online and get redressal
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