Hazaribagh is a city and a municipality in Hazaribagh district in the state of Jharkhand, established in 1886.It has been notified as Municipal corporation. It is the divisional headquarters of North Chotanagpur division.
Etymologically, the word Hazaribagh is made of two words, hazar meaning 'thousand', and bagh meaning 'tiger'. Hence the literal meaning of Hazaribagh is 'City of thousand tigers’. However with the reduced population of tigers, the name was changed to Hazaribag (the city of a thousand gardens).
The system of municipal administration was initiated at hazaribag as early as 1865 the year in which the Hazaribag municipality was established which incidentally, is one of the oldest units of local Self-Government establishment in India by th British rulers. After independence a lot of public welfare works have been done and in the recent years so many public urinals, Sulabh Shauchalaya, Parks, Markets & shops, town hall and roads have been constructed and repaired. Now our municipality is fully equipped and capable of making our hazaribag a model town with the help of each and every person of hazaribag.
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Hazaribag Municipal Corporation
Collectariat Compound, Hazaribag (Jharkhand)
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