Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) was formed by Bihar Government’s notification no 6068, dated 25.06.1924. Since its inception the President and Vice President of the committee were from TISCO or other company officials and executive power were vested on Vice President. In year 1978 just for three months after February the committee was degraded and subdivision of Executive Magistrate was deputed. Again new committee was formed and previous TISCO officials were nominated as President/Vice President. By Urban Development Section notification no-3111 dated 08.09.1998 JNAC was dissolved and DC (District Commissioner), East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur was directed to depute his subordinate officer for completion of daily operation of the committee. In this light Special Officer was deputed till 2005. In 2006 Urban Development Section, Ranchi, Jharkhand Government approved the posting of Special Officer in Jamshedpur NAC.
Last Updated: 25/07/2016
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