Our urban local body with it's establishment date by order no 1070/12.11.1972 is named now as Nagar Parishad, Pakur. It's total area is 8.04 Sqkm with a total of 19 wards.
Facilities Provided to urban people are:-
  • Drinking water by pipe lines and by 10 water tankers daily
  • Sweeping of garbages are done by 6 tructors with 47 labours and weepers daily.
  • Lighting Facilities such as Vapours and LED are provided in almost all the capable areas, Repairing of Street lights are done by 2 electric mistris and 2 helpers daily.
  • Urban Water Supply Scheme is running with 53% of Physical completion.
  • Solid Waste Manageemnt is also in it's initial state to be implemented.
  • Total permanent staffs in our ULB is 18.
  • Trade liscense, birth & death certificates, Plan approval are the other services that are provided by our ULB.
  • ULB is mediating the unemployed poors to employment by Training and placement through NULM.
  • Construction of road, drains, parks, Marriage Halls, Community hall, Sulabh Sauchalaya are the other vital works done by the ULB.
Total No. of WardsArea of ULB (Sq. Km)Total PopulationNo. of HouseholdsNo. of SlumsNo. of Slum HHsTotal Slum Population
Last Update : 09/01/2020
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