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Sahebganj also known as Sahibganj is a town and Municipality of Sahibganj District which also serves as the district headquarters for Sahibganj District. Sahibganj means a place (ganj) of masters (sahebs or sahibs). Sahibganj is a Class II town of Jharkhand which is sandwiched between River Ganga on the north, Rajmahal Hills on the south, State of Bengal on the East and one of the world's oldest university, Vikaramshila (in Bhagalpur District) of Bihar on the west. The town area is located in 25014’ 546” in the north and 870 37’ 923” in the East and it is extended in the total area of 13.5 sq. kms.

As a direct consequence of the Santhal Hul or Rebellion of 1854-55 led by Sido and Kanu brothers Santhal Pargana has been created as a separate district in 1855 by ceding portions of Bhagalpur (which is presently in Bihar) and Birbhum (which is presently in West Bengal) district. The entire Santhal Pargana along with portions of the present Hazaribagh, Munger,Jamui, Lakhisarai, Begusarai, Saharsa, a part of Purnia and Bhagalpur, districts was termed as “Jungle Terai” by the English on assumption of Diwani in Sept. 1763 from Shah Alam II at Allahabad after the Allahabad Treaty.
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