At first Nagar parisad simdega was kwon as union board. It was established as notified area in 1971. Nagar parisad simdega came known as nagar panchayat till 2008 and 29.8.2015 became as Nagar parisad simdega. Nagar parisad simdega has 42760 populations as census 2011 and 49.9 sq k.m. Total house hold is 8913, total BPL No. 5268, and total APL No. is 3645.It is a tribal dominated area and agriculture based district. Primary sources of population engaged in agriculture activities and daily labor. Nagar parisad simdega has 9 slum areas having population 3486. Nagar parisad simdega has only one water resource dam known as kellaghag which provides water to simdega district head quarter. District simdega has one of the historical places known as Ramrekha Dham which provides facilities during the festival. It has also one of the famous Ghandhi Mela for the people Simdega.
Total No. of WardsArea of ULB (Sq. Km)Total PopulationNo. of HouseholdsNo. of SlumsNo. of Slum HHsTotal Slum Population
Last Update : 26/05/2023
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