Adityapur Municipal Corporation
The Municipal council Adityapur was established in the Year 1963. Organizational set up – The Municipal Council, Adityapur is under the Admistrative control of Urban Development Department, Government of Jharkhand. The Chairman Elected by the Public is the Executive head of the Municipal council and presides over the meetings of the Board. Thus, the executive power of the Municipal council is exercised by the Board .To assist the Board, Various committees and ward committees are constituted. The executive officer appointed by the state Government is a whole time officer of the Municipal council and the executive power for the purpose of carrying on the administration of council, subject to the provisions of the act and any rules and bye-laws made there under and the general control of the Municipal Board, Vests in him. He also carries into effect every resolutions of the Board passed in conformity with the provision of law.
Important Statics
Total No. of WardsArea of ULB (Sq. Km)Total PopulationNo. of HouseholdsNo. of SlumsNo. of Slum HHsTotal Slum Population
Adityapur Municipal Corporation
Kalpanapuri, Adityapur, Jharkhand
Phone No.:0657-2383111
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Last Updated: 17/04/2023
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