Garhwa city was established on 14 June 1957 as notified area. After 15 years, on 15 August 1972, on Rajat Jayanti of Independence day (25th Anniversary) the notified area committee has been promoted to Municipality Garhwa. Further as per the 74 amendment, any local body area having population less than forty thousand has to be declared Nagar Panchayat so in 2007 Municipality Garhwa was renamed and declared as Nagar Panchayat Garhwa. Now in 3/2/2016 by letter Urban Development Department Jharkhand Ranchi declared Nagar Panchayat Garhwa to Nagar Parishad Garhwa. In 2008 Nagar Parishad 1st election was completed in which 1 Chairman Smt. Anita Dutt, 1 Vice Chairman Shri Alakhnath Pandey and 20 Ward Parshad has been nominated by direct election from electoral wards. Then after 2nd election was completed in 2013 where 1 Chairman Smt. Pinky Keshri, 1 Vice Chairman Shri Anil Kumar Pandey including 20 Ward Parshad has been selected by direct election from electoral wards in the Nagar Parishad for 5 years. There are seats reserved for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, backward classes and women. Presently Mr. Khago Yadav is the Executive Officer of Nagar Parishad Garhwa.

The area covered under Nagar Parishad Garhwa includs eight place i.e. (1) Garhwa (2) Dipuwan (3) Nagwan (4) Sonpurwa (5) Unchari (6) Sahijina (7) Piprakalan and (8) Tandwa. The population of the Nagar Parishad Garhwa has been recorded 46,059 as per census 2011. Out of which 24,342 are Males and 21,717 are Females. The Scheduled Caste Population from census 2011 has recorded 5740 in which 3079 are male and 2661 are females. In Nagar Parishad Garhwa the Scheduled Tribe Population are 1204 in which 634 are male and 570 are female. The total house hold in Nagar Parishad Garhwa has recorded 8635 according to census 2011. The area of Nagar Parishad Garhwa has been recorded 12.46 sq. KM in census 2011.
From the Desk of Chairperson
Smt. Pinky Keshri, Chairperson : As chairperson of Nagar Parishad Garhwa I just want to ensure our Garhwa's population that clean water, clean drainage, clean road, clean Garhwa and Beautiful Garhwa is our slogan. Our team of ward parishads and staff members of Nagar Parishad will give our 100% devotion for the development of Garhwa in terms of good roads, drainage system, water supply, sulabh shauchalaya, markets, parks and other facilities to the citizen of Garhwa. To make our Garhwa a dream and model city co-operation of each single person of Garhwa city is required; we always welcome your support and suggestions. Thank You.
From the Desk of Executive Officer
Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Executive Officer : It’s my great pleasure that I got a chance to serve the people of Nagar Parishad Garhwa. As being EO of Garhwa Nagar Parishad, I feel a responsibility to make available all the services to the people of Garhwa, like better road, better street lights, clean and beautiful city, better water supply, skilled youth, poverty alleviation and many other services. Our team at Garhwa Nagar Parishad is always ready to solve any problem regarding the services which you get from Garhwa Nagar Parishad, and we expect your support and guidance to make Garhwa a Model Town of Jharkhand. Thank You.
Last Update : 28/04/2023
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