Khunti Nagar Panchayat was established on 14 June 1957. In 2011 census, The area covered under khunti nagar panchayat is around 25.80 kms, the population of the nagar panchayat has been recorded 36,390 out of which 18,566 are Males and 17,824 are Females The nagar panchayat consisted mostly of forest tracts. In the past the area was probably in habited by tribal people. The average elevation of Khunti Nagar Panchayat in about 1200 feet above the mean sea level. The general line of drainage is from south to north towards the river Koyal and Sone. Koyal forms the eastern boundary and Sone forms northern boundary of the nagar panchayat. Other notable river is Kanhar which forms south eastern boundary of the nagar panchayat for about 80 K.M. Due to its Geographical formation Khunti Nagar Panchayat is rich in water resources. The climate of this nagar panchayat is on the whole dry and bracing. The Khunti Nagar Panchayat is primarily rural and most of the population resides in villages.

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